Microdurimetru VMH-104

Microdurimetru VMH-104

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Motorized video microhardness tester with image processing

 motorized specimen stage 50 x 50 mm
  or 150 x 100 mm stroke

 motorized focussing axis

 autofocus via image processing

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Comply with:  ASTM E-384 , ASTM E-92 , EN ISO 6507/1-3 , EN ISO 4545 , JIS Z 2244 , JIS Z 2251 , CE-approval
Indenter:  Vickers or Knoop ( standard )- Brinell ( optional )
Test  Force:  12 steps: 1-5-10-15-25-50-100-200-300-500-1000-2000(p)/gf
Loading procedure: automatic
Selection of indenter: motorized turret
Dwell  time: 5-99 s
Approach  velocity:  25 to 60 mm/s  ( selectable in steps of 5 mm / s )
Motorized selection of test force:  via PC 
Optics:  eyepiece , 10x magnification .
Standard objectives:  C PLAN  10x / 0,22-7,8 mm free working distance
N PLAN  50x / 0,75-0,37 mm free working distance
Maximum number of objectives: 3
Light source:  20 W adjustable
Focus finder:  special diaphragm in conjugated image of field aperture
Aperture diaphragm:  easily exc